Superannuation And Retirement Planning

Retirement planning should start as soon as possible after you start working because the longer you delay, the fewer options you will have and the harder it's going to be to reach your retirement income goal.

While 65 years is often considered the "official" retirement age, there's a growing variation in the ages at which people stop working

Your Synchron adviser will work with you to determine your statistical life expectancy (and therefore how long your retirement income will need to last), the lifestyle you want to have in retirement, the expenses that may still need to be covered and the likely impact of inflation.

With this information in hand he or she will discuss the various investment options and your risk tolerance level.

Master Trusts/Wrap Accounts

Master trusts (and wrap accounts) are managed investments that allow you to pool your money with other investors to create a fund large enough to access wider investment opportunities or save costs.

Even though your money is pooled with other investors', you still keep some control over your own investment. It's usually easy to switch investments or change your strategy at any time by instructing your adviser or the master trust or wrap account operator. Sometimes you can do this over the phone or through the Internet.

Some trusts offer you hundreds of different investment choices. Some of the popular choices you may be offered include:

  • Cash management trusts

  • Property trusts

  • Australian equity (share) trusts

  • International equity trusts

  • Some mortgage schemes

Your Synchron investment adviser will help you to:

  • Understand the fee structure

  • Explain the different features

  • Advise on the future flexibility of your investment

Financial Planning

The role of your financial planner is help you determine and assess your financial goals, taking into account your individual circumstances and aspirations and the options available.

In other words financial planning helps you determine where you're going ‘" what you want for your financial future and then it helps you make it happen.

It is an ongoing process that takes into account your income, assets, liabilities, and personal views like your values, dreams, wants, needs, time horizons and your attitude toward risk and reward.

The result is a custom-tailored strategy that can help you:

  • Maximise your investment returns

  • Make your retirement years more comfortable and secure

  • Handle your day-to-day finances faster and easier

  • Increase your savings and optimize the growth of your wealth

  • Improve your cash flow for a better balance between income and expenses

  • Minimise the taxes you pay

  • Accumulate funds for special goals, like higher education for children

  • Look after your dependents in case of death or disability

  • Estimate your insurance needs

  • Have more confidence in your financial decisions

  • Transfer the assets of your estate to your heirs in the most effective way


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